Custom and Bespoke Wall Murals

We are custom and bespoke wallpaper and wall mural designers from Sydney Australia. We are known for amazing and impressive designs. They are illustrated and incredibly intricate in detail.

Works of this calibre are rare, impressive and hard to find!

More About Custom Projects

These unique creations will compliment residential and commercial environments. We print at a super-fine-art level and have high quality wall fabrics to match; this results in true works of art! To find out more please visit our FAQ page.

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If you are looking for a custom or bespoke wall masterpiece then contact us today. We want to hear from you!

What is an example of a brief we have worked on?

Recently we received a custom project to recreate famous American cities. These fantasy visions are of New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans. The clients provided meaningful landmarks to inspire the creations you see above.

For instance ‘New York’ asked for a jazz player from the streets of New York city and classic Times Square. Lastly the clients asked for grey-scale colouring with pop sections of colour.

‘Los Angeles’ asked for three different sport themes such as baseball, basketball and football. All three themes have a section of the wall mural design along with famous athletes; such as a young Kobe and Shaq recreating the famous Alley Oop with an older Kobe watching on. In addition the clients asked for grey-scale colouring with spot sections of subtle colour.

‘New Orleans’ asked for illustrations of the iconic buildings; such as Vampire Jacques Saint Germain building, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop and Cafe Beignet. Similarly the clients asked for grey-scale colouring with an all over washed out colour.

As a result our clients were extremely please and very happy with the outcome… so were we! If you are in Australia and interested in wallpaper and wall mural designs from our artist Kate Succar please contact us.