Custom & Bespoke Wallpaper & Wall Murals

bespoke custom wallpaper australia

Kate Succar is the owner of Will o’ The Wisp. She designs custom and bespoke wallpaper / wall murals from Sydney Australia. Kate is known for her incredible illustrated designs which are amazingly intricate in detail.

Works of this calibre are rare, impressive and hard to find!

Custom Wallpaper

All wallpaper orders are custom made to fit your intended wall size. Design, scale and colour can be changed to existing designs from our design library.

Bespoke Wallpaper

Bespoke wallpaper service where Kate creates a new wallpaper / wall mural design from your brief.

bespoke custom wallpaper australia

See below for examples of Kate’s recent bespoke wallpaper.

Fantasy Los Angeles Sports

This wall mural was created for a die hard Los Angeles sports fan.

Three main sporting themes are present, these include baseball, American football and centering around basketball. Iconic players were drawn and situated in a fantasy mash up Los Angeles landscape.

The wall mural is hand drawn.

Custom Mural for The Golden Thread Cafe
380 Burwood Road, Belmore NSW

This is a bespoke wallpaper design for a commercial cafe. It was designed to be inspiring and references a modern day red riding hood who fights her insecurities to become her authentic self.

The wall mural is hand drawn.

The Golden Thread Cafe Wall Mural

In the forest of your everyday life is where fears and insecurities lurk. Just like a wolf, they stalk you.
You’re like a modern day Red Riding Hood and you have to face and overcome these fears.
The journey begins within yourself and the challenge is to get to know who you really are.
Follow the golden threads in life, small signs which seek to guide you. 
Anticipate the wolf, you need to face your fears with bravery. 
Surround yourself with like minded people.
Find your tribe and love them hard. 
Nothing is perfect but there is beauty in the broken.
Find courage to face the unknown. 
Don’t be afraid, conquer your fears. 
Find your strengths and use what you have. 
Fight conformity and follow your own rhythm. 
Challenge convention and make your own music.
Give up things that weigh you down and fly free. 
Find your voice and use it. 
Be your authentic self. 

Written by Kate Succar

Fantasy New Orleans

A client recently visited New Orleans USA. She found it so inspiring that she approached Kate with a bespoke project to create a wall mural based off her favorite places and experiences.

The client provided Kate with meaningful landmarks, memories and photographs from her trip. Kate created a fantasy New Orleans back street using her photographs as drawing references and merging them with her favorite places. Kate then added elements that the client loved about New Orleans, such as voodoo street art, black cats, musicians and french building influences.

The wall mural is hand drawn.

Space For The Moon

Bespoke wallpaper request to design a galaxy space theme using Kate’s talent for fantasy/surrealism.

The clients loved space and fishing so this wallpaper is actually a combination of the two. Subtle references to fishing and the ocean are visible. Such as fishing rods, pirate ships, flying fish etc.

The wall mural is hand drawn.

More About Custom Projects

These unique creations will compliment residential and commercial environments. We print on premium vinyl wall materials and at a super-fine-art level. The results are true works of wall art!

Please visit our instagram page for more examples of our work.

If you are looking for a custom or bespoke wall masterpiece then please contact Kate.