About Will o’ The Wisp

About wallpaper mural artist Kate Succar
Will o’ The Wisp

(pronounced will of the wisp)

Definition: A phosphorescent light seen at night that is attributed to elemental spirits and fairies which are impossible to catch…

Mural Designer Artist Sydney

Who Created Will ‘o The Wisp?
  • Will o’ The Wisp Wallpaper & Wall Murals was created by Kate Succar and is located in Sydney Australia. Kate is a talented artist with a deep love for interiors who started to design wallpapers in 2019. She is the company owner and sole designer of all creations.
What Does ‘Will o’ The Wisp’ Mean?
  • Will o’ The Wisp is a name chosen based on its english folklore definition (see above). This definition resonated with Kate for its fantastical wonder. The idea that these elemental spirits are impossible to catch encourages her to keep pushing the boundaries of wallpaper design. 
Current Wallpaper Services Available

Custom Wallpaper – A choice of design custom printed onto wallpaper. All designs are 100% customisable.

Bespoke Wallpaper – A collaboration with Kate to create a bespoke wall mural design. See details of her recent bespoke work for commercial clients here.

Shipping nationwide Australia and selected international countries.

Artist Wallpaper Designer Sydney

Artist Wallpaper Designer Sydney

About Kate

Kate was born and raised in Canberra, she now lives in the inner west of Sydney.

Growing up Kate was a natural artist and instantly took to fantasy and surrealist art (favourites being Salvador Dali and Maurits Cornelis Escher). She loved ISpy and Graeme Base books which embodied highly detailed scenes full of wonder! Fantastical books such as Harry Potter and The Hobbit were also childhood favourites and played a major role in her love of fantasy. These fantastical inspirations would go on to inspire her wallpaper design style.

Education & Work History

Kate completed a Bachelor of Design at University of New South Wales where she was able to refine her artistic talents and adapt them to the digital world. After graduation she became a Fashion Textile Graphic Designer where she used these skills to design digitally printed patterns for various brands. After a few years life steered her in a new direction and she left the fashion world to raise 3 young boys. 

The Beginning of Will o’ The Wisp

Motherhood inspired Kate to use her artistic talents to create artwork for her children’s room, but artwork wasn’t enough. Kate wanted something bigger and more unique so she starting developing wallpaper murals for these rooms. It started as a quirky idea intended for her personal home but soon she realised the magic these wallpapers created and the wonder it could bring others. As they were such a hit and people were so enamoured with them Kate decided to start her unique wallpaper business. 

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Artist Wallpaper Designer Sydney - Kate Succar. Incredible custom wallpaper wall mural artist designer from Sydney Australia.

Kate enjoys art, design, coffee and chocolate

fairytale woodland wallpaper featuring a dragon, deer, echidna, hedgehog, porky pine, tea cups, elephant and more.
About Kate’s Designs

‘I like to think I am a bit quirky and very creative. All my wallpaper designs are packed with colour and detail to tell a story. They take the viewers on visual journeys.  There is more than meets the eye in my works of art as I always add funny sayings, jokes and quirky elements to encourage deeper exploration.

My wallpaper creations for children are very dear to my heart. These wallpapers have fantastical characters and story elements that encourage children to create stories about what they see in the design. I also add a fun list of things buyers can find with their families.  Such as in my ‘Whimsical Woodland’ wallpaper someone has taken the Dragon’s treasure, can you find who?‘ – Kate Succar

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Kate’s Creative Process

‘For bespoke wallpaper designs I research the client, the space, the overall message to be achieved and then adapt my artistic talents to create a balance of these things in an innovative, creative and unique way. 

I have a growing business worldwide in bespoke designs for commercial purposes. For example my bespoke wallpaper wall mural designs can been seen in a new age cafe in Belmore AUS, at a tea house in Louisiana US and a wellness business in San Diego US.’

– Kate Succar

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