The Equal Circus

fantasy modern circus wallpaper

A fantasy wallpaper of a modern circus like no other… an imaginative world where there is no animal cruelty! Humans and animals are equals and share in the joys of both visiting the circus and performing in it!

The design takes the viewer on a visual journey to a magical circus set in the sky! Ride a flying carousel, shoot a cannon through a basketball ring and buy a ticket to ride the teacup hot air balloons…. in addition to many more!

The Detail

We draw humour and fun into every design. There is more than meets the eye in these works of art! For example in ‘The Equal Circus’ kids wallpaper you can find fun references to animal equality. Such as a Lion who is his own ring master and a family of bears watching a juggling show (instead of traditionally being portrayed as the jugglers)… hence the name of this design ‘The Equal Circus’.

This wallpaper has a 3 tone gradient background (shades of blue and aqua) with subtle circus shapes made from clouds in the sky. Furthermore there are floating circus tokens and coins that serve as stages for the circus acts. Circus structures and themes, a hot dog wagon and ice cream van are also added in the design.

The design is an imagination of a modern circus. In contrast with a subtle vintage feel ‘The Equal Circus’ is sure to create wonder in any bedroom!

Printing & Design Changes

All orders are custom printed to the intended wall size.

Our wallpaper can also be customised by scale and printed in 2 scale options (please see below).

  • Scale option 1: 100% design
  • Scale option 2: 50% design

However if you would like a different scale than those two options, please contact us.

We also offer the luxury of customisable design and colours. If you would like to customise this wall mural then please contact us.

Lovely Nursery!

Pictured here is an image of our fantasy modern circus design installed in a nursery. It was printed onto Luxury Suede wallpaper.

The images are photographs of a kids bedroom. Coupled with a white bedside table decorated with circus figurines.

About The Artist

Kate is a skilled artist who specialises in surrealist designs. Her incredible illustrations and design skills make her renowned in this field. Coupled with Kate’s attention to detail and advanced knowledge in design programs, the results are amazing!

Kate has completed a Bachelor Degree of Design at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in Sydney.
Major studies in Textiles and Graphic Design

Lastly please see our instagram and pinterest pages for more incredible images!

Price Guide

Suede Wallpaper: $87 to $107 per m2 (varies depending on wall size)

See our other wallpaper material options.

Installation Costs

Installing Yourself: approximately $200 total for primer, adhesive and most installation accessories.

Recommended Installer: varies per installer $300-$500 approximate guide.