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Premium Wall-covering

Learn more about vinyl wallpaper and why it is the premium and best choice when it comes to wallpaper.


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New technology in the form of vinyl wallpaper and paste-the-wall installation means wallpapering is much easier than it once was. Read the below sections to learn more about the installation process.

Care + Removal

Learn more about caring for your wallpaper and how to safely remove it.

Trinket Three Tone Interior Wallpaper in customisable colours. Currently white, mauve purple, blue, beige and cream. Wall mural for interior decorating. Gorgeous Wallpaper for Interior Decorating. Quirky illustrations such as tarotcards, playing cards, rock n roll badges, trinket etc. Paste-The-Wall installation,
Vinyl Wallpaper Facts and Properties

Vinyl Wallpaper Facts and Properties

Revolutionary Premium Material

Will o’ The Wisp only prints on premium vinyl wallpaper which is the highest quality of wall-covering available. Installation is straight forward and relatively easy for a qualified installer. It is highly resistant to moisture, extremely durable and very easy to clean, making it the premium option for commercial spaces, kids rooms, ventilated bathrooms, living areas, kitchen, hallways and bedrooms. You can simply wipe down with a wet cloth to remove any marks.

Our commercial grade ‘paste the wall’ type II vinyl wallpaper is suitable for both commercial and residential walls. It is exceptional wallpaper that excels in the digital printing industry’s standard for materials that enhance image, colour, depth, dimension and durability. This product also have a class “A” fire rating.

Traditional Wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper made from paper absorbs moisture, is hard to install, hard to clean and VERY hard to remove hence why we do not use this type of wallpaper. We are committed to producing luxurious wall coverings that not only look beautiful but also protect the wall behind. When installed properly, vinyl wallpaper is easy to remove with no damage to the dry wall and the use of a specific primer and adhesive prevents mould or mildew from growing behind your wall-covering.

Vinyl Wallpaper paste-the-wall facts

Wallpaper Specifications

Wallpaper Specifications

  • Premium vinyl wallpaper material
  • Luxury textures (such as Pearl and Suede)
  • Built for traffic. Scuff & tear resistant
  • Mould, mildew & fungal resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Non woven backing (provides easy hanging)
  • Paste-the-wall installation
  • To be installed using heavy duty removable adhesive with in built mould, mildew & fungal inhibitors
  • Customisable printing (design, scale and colour)
  • Suitable for super-fine-art printing
  • Durable UV & waterproof Ink
  • Type 11 certified for scrubbability and cleanable using water
  • Heavy duty commercial grade for long term decoration
  • Easy removal

Download more Suede specifications here.

This is luxury vinyl wall covering. This interior wallpaper has a textured suede look. It has been printed in trinket which is a black base wallpaper design that has tarot cards, jaguar, motorbike, rock n roll, lips, playing deck of cards and much more!
Different Types Of Wallpaper

Different Types Of Wallpaper

In general these are the three types of wallpapers available on the market today and how they stick on the wall. We have also included brief advice on the positives and negatives of such wall coverings.

Suede Vinyl Premium Wallpaper

Pre-pasted – this means that the adhesive is already on the back of the paper. Suited for wall decals or temporary wallpaper. Easy to install (beginners welcome) but only suitable for short term decoration. Glue can be flimsy and will require maintenance as they tend to peel. Be aware that areas which do stick well will pull off the gyprock when you remove.

Un-pasted paper – which means that the paste (also called adhesive) needs to be applied to the paper. Printing ink soaks into paper so pattern definition and quality will not be as high compared to vinyl. Qualified installer required. Suited for long term decoration. No maintenance required but very hard to remove.

Paste-the-wall – meaning that the paste is put on to the wall rather than the wall covering. Vinyl material offers the highest quality print and pattern definition. Qualified installer recommended. Intended for long term decoration. Easy to clean, no maintenance, easy to remove.

We use revolutionary Paste-the-wall wallpaper!

Paste-The-Wall Wallpaper & Brief Installation Method


Paste-the-wall vinyl wallpaper products have a specially developed backing which does not expand, allowing it to be hung dry straight from the roll, without having to soak it in water.

This revolutionary paste-the-wall technique has changed the world of wallpaper hanging. This technique, also known as dry hanging, is a much easier way to install! You just ‘paint’ the paste onto your properly prepared wall, not on to the paper.

Our panels are 130cm wide to reduce seam visibility for a flawless feature wall.

1. Don’t paste the entire wall before starting to hang your wallpaper. Simply paste one section of the wall at a time so that the paste doesn’t dry out. Allow some overlap – paste a bit more of the wall than just the width of each cut piece.

2. Install from left to right. Slide the first wallpaper panel into place. Allow 5cm overhang top, bottom and left hand side. No need to rush. Press the panel down and smooth it across using a your hand or squeegee.

3. We have two options for joining the panels.

Option 1: A butt joint method where the panels simply butt up against each other. Good option if you are wishing to install yourself. Please let us know at checkout.

Option 2: (highly recommended) An overlap double cut method which is available for qualified installers. This option is better for reducing seam visbility.

4. Once panels are installed trim off the excess at the sides. Always ensure your cutting blade is super sharp. And if in the future you decide it’s time for a new look, ‘paste the wall’ wallpapers peel off easily – simply lift a corner at the base of the wall and peel upwards.

View our detailed installation guide here.

Wall Preparation

Wall Preparation

Wallpaper is actually easy to hang if you and the walls are well prepared. Proper preparation of the intended wall surface is critical to the performance of our wallpaper.

Your walls must have good ventilation and you shouldn’t have any mould issues if you intend to use wallpaper.

1. Remove any old paper. This must be done for the best results – if not, the new wallpaper may not stick down properly. Metylan wallpaper remover is a great product to use to do this.

2. Repair any imperfections in the wall or plaster, and sand it smooth with 80 grit sandpaper. Remove the dust with a soft brush or wet cloth.

3. We strongly recommend prior to installation that the intended wall be primed with the recommended primer. The use of a quality wall covering primer will greatly facilitate sliding abilities during installation when you need to slide the wallpaper panel into place. The primer also allows the wallpaper to bond well to the wall but also prevents the paste from absorbing too much into a drywall surface which could make removal difficult.

Priming the wall is especially important if during installation you make an error and need to remove the panel and re-install, if you have not properly primed the wall then you will not be able to do this without risking damage to the gyprock. After priming the wall wait the designated time for the wall to cure (usually 24 hours but can be up to 7 days) before you install the wallpaper. Make sure you do two coats of primer covering every section of the wall.