Bespoke Cafe Mural Wallpaper

Bespoke Cafe Mural Wallpaper

Bespoke Mural for The Golden Thread Cafe

380 Burwood Road, Belmore NSW – August 2020


This is a bespoke wallpaper design for a commercial cafe. Kate interpreted the clients brief below to created the design concept. The golden threads throughout the design help guide the viewer through inspirational and motivating messages encouraging them to overcome personal hurdles to finally become their authentic selves. The design references a subtle modern day red riding hood who fights her insecurities and fears. 


The client asked Kate to design an inspiring wall mural based around the business name ‘The Golden Thread.’ This name was influenced by the Japanese word ‘Kintsugi’ (meaning to join with gold). The client is an incredible woman who is an Entrepreneur and Mindset Coach, she is an advocate for self-empowerment and helps individuals in discovering and becoming their authentic selves.

Kate wrote a short piece as well to accompany the wall mural.

The Golden Thread Cafe Wall Mural

Hiding within yourself, insecurities and anxiety prowl. Just like a wolf they stalk you.

You are a modern day Red Riding Hood and you have to face and overcome these fears.

The journey begins with you and the challenge is to get to know who you really are.

Follow the golden threads in life, small signs which seek to guide you. 

Anticipate the wolf, you need to face your fears with bravery.

Surround yourself with like minded people. Find your tribe and love them hard. 

Nothing is perfect but there is beauty in the broken.

Find courage to face the unknown. 

Don’t be afraid, conquer your fears. 

Find your strengths and use what you have. 

Fight conformity and follow your own rhythm. 

Challenge convention and make your own music.

Give up things that weigh you down and fly free.

Find your voice and use it. Be your authentic self!

-Written by Kate Succar

Customer Review

“Will O’ Wisp via Kate Succar blew my mind. As a serial entrepreneur with high standards on customer service and quality, they/she surpassed it. She ‘heard’ me and ‘saw’ me, took my vision and created one of the most beautiful, powerful, authentic pieces I have ever seen. Will work with her again and again and again! Thank you Kate x” – Review from Yemi Penn, Owner of The Golden Thread Cafe in Belmore.

Bespoke Cafe Mural Wallpaper

Custom wall mural wallpaper design by artist Kate Succar - e

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