Harry Potter Wallpaper Mural

Harry Potter Wallpaper Mural

Tribute To Witches & Wizards Bespoke Wall Mural

Sydney, NSW – June 2022


A bespoke wall mural depicting difference scenes, favourite characters and iconic moments from a witches and wizards world!


The customer gave Kate a list of all their favourite things to incorporate into the Mural. Using her unique skills and artistic gifts Kate created this exquisite mural which spans across two walls and portrays a seamless magical world.

Customer Review

Kate is an exceptional artist who was able to capture our collective imagination and deliver a truly magical wall mural that spanned across 2 walls in our nursery. The creative imagery in Kate’s detailed interpretation of what we asked, greatly exceeded our expectations. Kate is a professional who really took the time to listen and sincerely understand what we as clients were asking. What emerged from the explorative discussions and exchange of ideas was a truly remarkable bespoke masterpiece which was tailored to our baby room. The pricing was very fair and the value for money is quite evident in the finished product that is genuinely one of a kind! We are now planning the next project where Kate can continue to illustrate our personalized story which will captivate our kids for years to come! Thanks Kate, and thank you also for recommending Drew from Wow wall coverings to install the wall panels. He took great care and the finished product was of such a high standard that it was impossible to see where the panels join. It is literally like stepping into another world when you walk into the room. Exemplary workmanship from you both!!” – Review from Istvan.

Harry Potter Wallpaper Mural

Harry Potter bedroom nursery wallpaper wall mural
Harry Potter bedroom nursery wallpaper wall mural
Harry Potter dragon alley wallpaper wall mural, Snape patrons
Hogwarts express hippogriff hogsmeade village station Harry Potter wallpaper wall mural
Harry Potter flying broomstick quidditch snitch custom bespoke wallpaper wall mural marauders map wallpaper
hagrid dragon phoenix pumpkin pasties Harry Potter wallpaper wall mural

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