premium vinyl wallpaper and wall murals

Custom Premium Vinyl Wallpaper

Premium vinyl is the only wallpaper we print on. Vinyl wallpaper is the highest quality wallpaper available. To learn why please click here.

Click here if you would like to order some samples.

Custom Premium Vinyl Wallpaper


This premium wallpaper has a stippled suede embossed texture. This works well to reduce the glare from direct light.

Custom Luxury Pearl Shimmery Interior Wallpaper

Pearl is a luxurious looking wallpaper that looks and feels like a beautiful metallic fabric. It catches the light in a subtle way to create a shimmery effect.


Reflective Metallic Chrome Copper Silver Gold Wallpaper for Walls wall covering vinyl interior

A highly reflective chrome wall paper. It is available in copper (pictured), silver or gold. There are areas of metallic that catch and reflect light.


How is Will o’ The Wisp Different?

Will o’ The Wisp offers a unique and premium wallpaper service. We custom print all orders so that they are perfectly tailored to fit your wall. Importantly designs are not stretched or warped to fit the intended wall.

You can customise the designs further by changes to the design placement, colour and scale. Uniquely you can also make changes to custom elements. Changes to custom elements allows for the addition or removal of elements within the design. For example, would you like to add an illustration of your pet cat? Contact Kate before placing an order.

You will receive communication from Kate within 24 hours after placing an order. From there she will discuss some options with you. No printing or shipping will occur until you have approved the details on the ‘mock up’. (image emailed to you showing how the wallpaper will look at your wall size).