Wallpaper Material Options


Custom Wallpaper Material Options

We are a boutique vinyl wallpaper company selling only luxury and premium wallpaper products. Vinyl wallpaper is revolutionary and the highest quality wallpaper on the market.

Our designs are exquisite, rich in detail and printed at a high resolution super-fine-art printing level.

Premium vinyl wallpaper is actually easier to install and is called ‘strippable’ wallpaper due to its easy removal. It is also the most resistant to moisture and the most washable, being the preferable choice for kids rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and hallways.

New technology in the form of vinyl wallpaper means wallpapering is much easier than it was! These vinyl wallpapers are installed using the ‘paste-the-wall’ technique. This revolutionary technique has changed the world of wallpaper hanging. This technique (also known as dry hanging) is an easier way to install! 

Features & Benefits
  • Premium Luxury Vinyl Wallpaper Material
  • Luxury Textures (such as metallic and suede)
  • Built For Traffic. Scuff & Tear Resistant
  • Mould, Mildew & Fungal Resistant
  • Fire Retardant
  • Non Woven Polyester Backing (provides easy hanging and removal)
  • Paste-The-Wall Installation
  • Can Be Installed Using Commercially Available Wallpaper Adhesives
  • Customisable (design, scale and colour)
  • Super-Fine-Art Printing
  • Durable UV & Waterproof Ink
  • Cleanable Wallpaper Using Water
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade For Long Term Decoration

Learn more about our type of vinyl wallpaper here or view our Installation Guide.

The lead time is 1 -2 weeks.


This luxury wallpaper has a stippled suede embossed texture which works well to reduce the glare from direct light.

It is the most suitable and perfect for spaces and projects likely to be photographed.

$87 to $107 per m2 (varies depending on wall size)


Custom Luxury Pearl Shimmery Interior Wallpaper

Luxury Pearl is a luxurious looking wall paper that looks and feels like a beautiful metallic fabric. It also catches the light in a subtle way to create a shimmery effect.

$93 to $113 per m2 (varies depending on wall size)


Reflective Metallic Chrome Copper Silver Gold Wallpaper for Walls wall covering vinyl interior

A highly reflective chrome wall paper. It is available in copper (pictured), silver or gold. This amazing wallpaper has areas of metallic that catch and reflect the light!

$115 to $135 per m2 (varies depending on wall size)

If you would like to see samples – please email us your address and sample request.


We recommend a professional installs our wallpaper. However our wallpaper is new technology vinyl ‘paste-the-wall‘ wallpaper and custom made to fit your wall, therefore far easier to install than traditional wallpaper.

If you wish to install yourself please check out our installation guide.