You have the right to cancel a wallpaper order (excluding bespoke design) or services (including customisations to a wallpaper design) at any stage BEFORE confirming to print. Please notify Kate via email ( of your cancelation request and a 93% partial refund will be issued within 7 business days if your cancellation request complies with this Returns & Refund Policy.

Once you have received the ‘mock up’ or proof of how the design will look at your wall size and then confirmed to go ahead for printing the sale is final and not subject to cancellations, or refunds/returns for change of mind.  

Bespoke orders (where we create a new design for you) are not subject to full refunds or returns for change of mind. This is contract work and is not subject to cancellations or abandonment of the contract. If you are not happy with the bespoke design outcome then you can abandon the 2nd part payment (payment of printing and postage). If payment has already been made for the 2nd part payment but you have not confirmed to go ahead for printing and wish to cancel then a 93% partial refund of the 2nd part payment will be granted within 7 business days. However the 1st part payment (fee for the time spent to create a bespoke design) is non refundable

partial refund

Only a partial refund can be refunded to you as our payments system (WooCommerce) charges processing fees for all payments to our website. The fees we paid to WooCommerce on your original transaction are not refunded to us. This is because when a charge is processed, WooCommerce incurs costs from the card networks (VISA and Mastercard) and payment partners. These costs are not refunded to WooCommerce when the charge is refunded therefore they are not refunded to us and cannot subsequently be refunded to you. The partial refund to you will be equal to the total order amount minus 7% processing fees.


As all wallpaper orders are custom printed as per individual order, we cannot offer returns/exchanges on incorrectly ordered products.
For this reason, we also do not accept returns for change of mind. If you are unsure on colour/style please request a sample before placing an order.

We take extra care in packaging all items and orders are checked for any faults before printing. Once you receive your wallpaper please check for the correct number of wallpaper panels and also any defects prior to hanging or hiring an installer. Please contact Kate if there are any issues with the wallpaper BEFORE installing for hiring an installer. Partial refunds will be available in the instance of major faults which comply with Australian Consumer Law.

Please also take care when installing the wallpaper or hiring someone to help with the install. Strictly, under no circumstances, are we able to compensate installation fees from third parties or take responsibility for installation errors. The product must be checked for any potential errors before the hiring of any third party, as we cannot accept any cancellation fees in the event that the product is not fit to be installed. We do not take responsibility or offer returns/refunds/exchanges for faults arising from installation.

* Below image is an example of the ‘mock up’ or proof you will receive to confirm before printing.