FAQ Custom Wallpaper Australia

1. How can I order?

You can either contact us or submit an order/enquiry form with all the necessary details. Within 24 hours we will get back to you with the price. If you wish to proceed we will then send an invoice with payment options.

Once payment has been received your order will be placed within 48 hours. Printing and postage will take approximately 7 -10 days after that.

2. Custom & bespoke wallpaper… What does it mean?

Custom Wallpaper – All wallpaper orders are custom printed to fit your intended wall size. Design, scale and colour can be changed to existing designs from our design library.

Bespoke Wallpaper – We also offer a bespoke wallpaper service. This is where we create a brand new wallpaper / wall mural design for you from your detailed brief. Read more here.

3. What are the main types of wallpaper on the market today and how do they stick onto the wall? What type do we use?

Pre-pasted – this means that the adhesive is already on the back of the paper.

Un-pasted paper – which means that the paste (also called adhesive) needs to be applied to the paper.

Paste-the-wall – meaning that the paste is put on to the wall rather than the paper.

We use paste-the-wall wallpaper.

This revolutionary paste-the-wall technique has changed the world of wallpaper hanging. This technique, also known as dry hanging, is a much easier way to install! Learn more about our type of wallpaper here or view our Installation Guide.

4. What type of fabric is our wallpaper material?

Our wallpaper is fully functional commercial paste-the-wall vinyl.

Vinyl wallpaper is high quality, the most resistant to moisture and the most washable. It is the preferable choice for kids rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and hallways.

Wallpaper made from paper is often cheap, absorbs moisture, is hard to clean and hard to remove hence why we do not use this type of wallpaper.

We have sourced some of the highest quality vinyl wallpapers available on the luxury market today. They are suitable for both commercial and residential. These are commercial grade non woven ‘paste the wall’ wallpapers that meet the digital printing industry’s standards for materials that enhance image impact and colour, depth, dimension and durability. Additionally these products are Type II commercial digital wall coverings with Class “A” fire ratings.

Compared to traditional wallpaper our products can be removed easily as they are ‘strippable’ wallpaper. Find out more about removal below.

5. Are our products high quality? What sets our business apart from the rest?

Our services for design, print and materials are all of the highest standard. What sets our business apart is the customised services we can offer on high grade vinyl wallpaper.

Design: Each order is custom made and therefore we have the luxury to offer buyers changes to colour, design and scale. See our designs.

Print: We print at a super-fine-art level for clear and vibrant designs. Hence the results are true works of art!

Materials: We print our designs onto high grade wall vinyl wall materials. See our materials.

Our wallpaper panels are printed and cut at 130cm wide by the height of the buyers wall. This makes installation incredibly easy as it is custom made to fit a specific wall.

6. I like a design but the colours are not quite right?

All wallpaper orders are custom made therefore colours can be changed. Contact us with your design query and we can try to tweak the colours to fit perfectly in your desired space.

7. Can I see some wallpaper samples?

Certainly! We can post wallpaper material samples to you. Please contact us with your address.

8. I need a bespoke wallpaper design.

Read more about our bespoke services here. Or please contact us with the brief and requirements.

9. Do I need a professional installer?

We recommend having a professional install your wallpaper. Contact us with your location and we can help with a recommended installer.

However our wallpaper is new technology vinyl ‘paste-the-wall‘ wallpaper and custom made to fit your wall, therefore far easier to install than traditional wallpaper.out our installation guide.

You can also find many helpful installation articles like this one from Bunnings – DIY wallpaper installation video.

10. How much wallpaper do I need?

Our made to order wallpaper is printed on panels 130cm wide by the height of your intended wall. Thus to order wallpaper you first need to measure exactly the height and width of your wall.

11. Do I need wallpaper primer and adhesive?

Prior to installation we strongly advise that the intended wall be primed. Proper preparation of this wall surface is critical to the performance of our wallpaper. The use of a quality wall covering primer and adhesive will not only assure good bond to your wall surface,  but also greatly facilitate the removal of the wallpaper as well as minimise damage to the drywall.

More information on wallpaper primer and adhesive we recommend can be found here.

12. Can the wallpaper be easily removed?

The manufactures call our wallpaper range ‘strippable wallpaper’ because it is easy to remove. If you have properly primer your wall before installation then removal will be relatively easy.

You start by stripping off the printed panels. For example, on a 3.9m wall there will only be 3 panels (each panel is 1.3M wide by the height of your wall). Each panel will come off easily as one large piece. So it should require little more then grabbing an edge and peeling back from the wall.

The bond should be tight and will require pulling with force, but the panel will release in one complete piece and should not damage the drywall. Afterward the wall will need sanding. This is due to the glue used to adhere the wallpaper to the wall.

Overall our wall paper is easy to remove in comparison to old fashioned wall paper.

13. How do I clean the wallpaper if it gets dirty?

Our vinyl wallpaper is the most cleanable wallpaper on the market. You can remove ordinary dirt and smudges simply with a mild soap and warm water. Clean from bottom of wall upward. Rinse thoroughly with clean water from the top down using a sponge. Dry wallpaper with a soft lint free cloth or towel.

For more difficult stains that are only surface deep, the use of a stronger detergent is recommended. Firstly test on an inconspicuous area to make sure that the surface and ink are not damaged.

DO NOT USE steel wool or powdered abrasive because they can damage the image and textured surface.
DO NOT USE solvents, alcohol, pine oil, or cleaners that contain these kinds of products as they can remove the image and damage the textured surface.

When cleaning, always take measures to prevent water from dripping behind molding.

You can click here to download the care guide.

14. Do we ship overseas?

We will ship to selected international countries. Please contact us with your location to discuss shipping.

FAQ custom wallpaper australia

FAQ Custom Wallpaper Australia