About Will o’ The Wisp

Artist Wallpaper Designer Sydney

(pronounced will of the wisp)

Definition: A phosphorescent light seen at night that is attributed to elemental spirits and fairies which are impossible to catch…

Owned by Kate Succar, Will o’ The Wisp is a wallpaper design studio in Sydney. It is known for unique and unusual wallpaper / wall mural designs that are rich in detail.

Current Interior Services Available
  • Custom Wallpaper – A choice of design custom printed onto wallpaper. Colour, design and scale changes can be made.
  • Bespoke Wallpaper – A collaboration to create a bespoke wallpaper design custom printed onto wallpaper.

We ship nationwide and will ship to some international countries.

International shipping fees can range from $200-$250 so please contact us with your international address if you would like a shipping quote.

Artist Wallpaper Designer Sydney

About Kate

Kate is a wallpaper designer who was born in Canberra. She resides in Sydney and has advanced skills in many areas such as graphic design, painting and illustration. In addition Kate also has advanced skills in photography and digital media.

Kate adds humour, fun and also fantasy into her work. She has a surrealist style and her designs tell of stories and adventures that can captivate the viewer. There is more than meets the eye in these works of art! For instance many of the wall designs contain fun hidden messages for the viewer to find.

Kate is also an aspiring author. Presently she is turning her Whimsical Woodland wallpaper into a picture book for children. You can follow her progress meanwhile at her website found here.

2010-2013    Bachelor of Design
College of Fine Arts UNSW
Major studies in Textiles and Graphic Design

Artist Wallpaper Designer Sydney - Kate Succar. Incredible custom wallpaper wall mural artist designer from Sydney Australia.

Kate enjoys art and design, coffee and chocolate

“My art and design skills make patterns come alive with enchanting detail. I push the boundaries of digital design and aim to create something fresh, original and striking!” ~ Kate Succar