How To Measure The Wall For Custom Wallpaper


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When measuring your wall for custom wallpaper please do the following:

1. Do not include cornices, skirting boards or floor trims in the measurements. Only measure the exact area that the wallpaper will go on.

2. Please try to be as accurate as possible with your measurements. We will add an extra 10cm to the height and width of your measurements which is called ‘waste’. ‘Waste’ is a safety precaution which the installer will crop off after installation therefore you do not need to add any extra to your measurements)

3. If there is a power point outlet on the wall please advise us of it’s location. We only need to know this if you are worried about the powerpoint covering an important section in the design. 

4. If there are any doors or windows on the wall please advise us also.

5. Anything you are unsure about please let us know.  

How To Measure The Walls For Custom Wallpaper

Please note: The wallpaper is printed slightly larger than the wall size. In general this extra measurement is around 5cm at the top, bottom, left side of the first panel and right side of the last panel. It is called ‘waste’. The ‘waste’ is a safety precaution incase your wall width and height measurements vary slightly. This occurs when ceilings or walls are not quite straight which is very common. The wallpaper waste is positioned slightly over the edge of the wall size, this is known as ‘overhang’ and is shown by the orange box in the below image. The overhang waste gets cropped off by the installer.

how to position vinyl wallpaper overhang waste

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