How To Measure The Wall For Custom Wallpaper


About Paste-The-Wall Vinyl Wallpaper

When measuring your wall for custom wallpaper please do the following:

  • Do not include cornices, skirting boards or floor trims in the measurements. Only measure the exact area that the wallpaper will go on.
  • Please try to to be as accurate as possible with measurements. (We will add an extra 10cm on top of your measurements as a precaution which the installer will crop off after installation therefore you do not need to add any extra to your measurements)
  • If there is a power point outlet on the wall please advise us of it’s location. 
  • If there are any doors or windows on the wall please advise us.
  • Anything you are unsure about please let us know.  
How To Measure The Walls For Custom Wallpaper

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