Handy Tips To Know Before & During Installation

  • Using a primer to prime the walls before installation is an absolute must!
  • Use ONLY the recommended products for primer and adhesive.
  • The panels are 130cm wide and can be heavy so having a second person to hold one end up while you position the panels is very important.
  • Make sure you use a good, thick amount of glue. You can easily wipe the glue off walls and the wallpaper if you spill some. Use baby wipes or cloth and water.
  • Do not press too hard when smoothing out the air bubbles, use light force as we don’t want glue seeping out the edges.
  • If you make a mistake simply peel the whole panel off and start again (very forgiving wallpaper). Even if the wallpaper adhesive has dried, still peel the panel off (might need a quick light sand on the back of the panel to remove glue if for some reason it’s lumpy). Please note: if you didn’t prime the walls before hand then you wont be able to do this without risk of damaging the gyprock.
  • When installing the first panel, if you are too quick or the room doesn’t have much ventilation (which assists in the fastness of the adhesive drying time) then the panel can slip a bit, if this is happening you just need to hold it into position and let the glue harden for a while so it stays in place. This is most important with the ‘overlap, double cut’ method, you want the adhesive to be almost dry so the panel doesn’t move when cutting.
  • The wallpaper is thick and one of the fiddliest parts is cropping the wallpaper. A large scraper (or dry wall taping knife) is a very handy tool for this as it makes pressing down the wallpaper easier. After you press down run a box cutter along the edge to cut the wallpaper.