Luxury Flash

Luxury Flash metallic wall covering material for wallpaper. Available in gold, silver and copper. High quality commercial grade wallpaper from Australia.

Luxury Flash is a highly reflective metallic vinyl interior wallpaper. Available in copper (pictured), silver or gold. When we print on ‘Luxury Flash’ the result is a magnificent wallpaper with sections of metallic chrome. These areas create eye-catching sparkle under room light conditions.

Luxury Flash is a metallic heavy duty commercial grade interior wallpaper. It is suited for long term decoration.

luxury metallic vinyl wallpaper

The lead time is 1 -2 weeks

$115 to $135 per m2 – varies depending on wall size, please use this order form for accurate pricing.

Wallpaper Specifications
  • Premium Luxury Vinyl Wallpaper Material
  • Highly Reflective Chromed Areas
  • Built For Traffic. Scuff & Tear Resistant
  • Mould, Mildew & Fungal Resistant
  • Fire Retardant
  • Non Woven Polyester Backing (provides easy hanging and removal)
  • Paste-The-Wall Installation
  • Can Be Installed Using Commercially Available Wallpaper Adhesives
  • Customisable (design, scale and colour)
  • Super-Fine-Art Printing
  • Durable UV & Waterproof Ink
  • Cleanable Wallpaper Using Water
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade For Long Term Decoration

Download more FLASH specifications here.


If you would like to see samples – please email us your address and sample request.

Wallpaper Printing Details

We print our designs onto high grade vinyl wall materials that are suitable for both the home and business. These materials are more like heavy duty fabrics than they are paper. Vinyl wallpaper is high quality, the most resistant to moisture and the most washable. It is the preferable choice for kids room, bathrooms, kitchen and hallways.

Furthermore our unique wallpaper and murals are designed and printed in Australia. We print at a super-fine-art level for clear and vibrant designs. Hence the results are true works of art!

Each order is custom made therefore we have the luxury to offer buyers variations in colour, design and scale.

Amazing quirky and funky interior wallpaper design featuring a metallic wall covering available in gold, silver or copper.

Our wallpaper is easy to install. On an 3.8m wall for example there will be 3 large panels which are each 1.3m wide. The height of each panel will be the height of your wall. Installation requires using a water mixed glue to adhere these three panels onto the wall. Then using a box cutter to cut off the 10cm excess we add in case of any slight wall variations.

We recommend a professional installs our wallpaper. However our wallpaper is new technology vinyl ‘paste-the-wall‘ wallpaper and custom made to fit your wall, therefore far easier to install than traditional wallpaper.

If you wish to install yourself please check out our installation guide.


Removal works as easily as installation. You start by stripping off the printed panels. For example, on a 3.8m wall there will only be 3 panels. Each panel will come off as one large piece. A primer painted prior to installation will ensure protection of the wall and gyprock. Afterward the wall will need sanding. This is due to the glue used to adhere the wallpaper to the wall.

Our wallpaper far easier to remove in comparison to old fashioned wall paper.

To find out more about installation, removal or to read our FAQ about wallpaper click here.