Premium Pearl

this is custom luxury designer pearl metallic wallpaper. Commercial grade high end vinyl For Interiors Australia. Wall covering has a metallic shimmery, glitter look.

Pearl is a sophisticated and luxurious looking vinyl wallpaper that looks and feels like a metallic fabric. The material catches the light in a subtle way to create a shimmery effect.

Pearl is a vinyl commercial grade interior wallpaper suited for long term decoration.

For this specific wallpaper the walls should be sanded before using a primer to remove any small imperfections in the plaster and paint work. Due to it’s metallic properties any tiny bumps on the wall surface can lead to noticeable bumps in areas on the metallic wallpaper. If you have cement rendered internal walls Suede wallpaper is the better option.

shimmery pearl vinyl wallpaper

Wallpaper Specifications
  • Premium vinyl wallpaper material
  • Luxury textures (such as Pearl and Suede)
  • Built for traffic. Scuff & tear resistant
  • Mould, mildew & fungal resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Non woven backing (provides easy hanging)
  • Paste-the-wall installation
  • To be installed using heavy duty removable adhesive with in built mould, mildew & fungal inhibitors
  • Customisable printing (design, scale and colour)
  • Suitable for super-fine-art printing
  • Durable UV & waterproof Ink
  • Type 11 certified for scrubbability and cleanable using water
  • Heavy duty commercial grade for long term decoration
  • Easy removal

Download more Pearl specifications here.


If you would like to see samples – please email your address and sample request.

Wallpaper Printing Details

Kate’s unique wallpaper and murals are designed and printed in Australia. They are printed to the highest standard available on the Australian market known as a super-fine-art level.


A professional is recommended to install the wallpaper. However this is new technology vinyl wallpaper, using ‘paste-the-wall‘ installation method and custom made to fit your wall, therefore far easier to install than traditional wallpaper.

If you wish to install yourself please check out the installation guide.