Incredible Boys Nursery Ideas & Themes

Boys Nursery Themes Ideas

6 incredible ideas for boys bedroom and nursery wallpaper and mural designs. Highly detailed fantastical scenes to explore that are full of wonder and imagination.

Imagination is an important tool for kids development. The ability to imagine will influence lives from everything kids do, think about and create. Any profession from academia, engineering to the arts requires a form of imagination such as elaborate theories, inventions or dreams. Ultimately imagination will have a big impact on their little lives and influence on a person regardless of profession.


Boys Woodland Forest Nursery Bedroom Wallpaper ideas and themes from Sydney Australia
Enchanted Creature Forest

A fantasy forest wallpaper wall mural with dragons, magical houses and woodland creatures.


Boys Nursery Themes Ideas. Space and Galaxy Kids Interior Wallpaper Design - featuring a grey blue and white bedroom with custom kids wallpaper. Wallpaper features the moon, night sky, clouds, pirate ships, flying trains, stars, dragon, galaxy and more. Set in colours of Navy Blue, Turquoise, Gold and yellow.
Space For The Moon

Magical boys wallpaper set in the night sky with a fantasy twist of flying verses fishing elements.


The Equal Circus

A beautiful wallpaper design that leaves behind the traditional circus themes of animal cruelty with a more modern approach. Animals and humans are both equal performers and attendees to the circus. Thus creating a harmonious fantasy circus world where animals and humans are equal.


Boys Nursery Themes Ideas. Magical Harry Potter wallpaper wall mural. Perfect for kids or teens bedroom. Wallpaper features hogwarts castle, forbidden forest, dragon, hogwarts express train, harry, ron, hermione, hagrid and dragons.
Enchanted Witches and Wizards Forest

Help encourage a love for reading books with the Harry Potter inspired boys nursery wallpaper. The wall mural is a fantasy forbidden forest with subtle hints to Harry Potter characters, Diagon Alley looking buildings and Hogwarts castle.


JUNGLE Kids wallpaper wall mural tropical animals safari NEW
Jungle Dreams

A wallpaper design to encourage a little explorer! This fantasy jungle theme comprises of jungle animals, tropical scenes and fun things to find.


JUNGLE pirate dusk water ocean kids wallpaper wall mural girls
Pooch Pirates In Paradise

It’s early morning on the jungle island and all the animals are beginning to start their day. Upon the horizon a pirate ship appears. It’s the Pooch Pirates! These friendly new arrivals are on the hunt for treasure...’ A seriously beautiful and fun design depicting a tropical island with a dawn horizon.

Boys Nursery Themes Ideas

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