Pooch Pirates In Paradise

pirates sunset ocean  kids wallpaper wall mural

jungle animals kids wallpaper

A kids unisex adventure wallpaper mural set on a fantasy island.

jungle animals kids wallpaper

The Story

It’s early morning on the jungle island and all the animals are beginning to start their day. Upon the horizon a pirate ship appears. It’s the Pooch Pirates! These friendly new arrivals are on the hunt for treasure...

JUNGLE pirate dusk water ocean kids wallpaper wall mural girls


jungle animals kids wallpaper

The Detail

Capture the imagination of your little explorer. This tropical design illustrated by Kate Succar takes the viewer on a visual journey to a magical island. Discover a family of sloths, surf the waves with a chameleon or look for treasure with a pirate.

The wall mural features an abundance of jungle animals and creatures such as a lion, monkey, tiger, elephant, sea serpant, dogs and more.

The majority of the main illustrations are featured mid level through the design, this allows for furniture too easily go up against the wall without blocking important detail.

Did you know…

Imagination is an important tool for a child’s development. The ability to imagine will enrich their lives from everything they do, think about and create. Any profession from academia, engineering to the arts requires a form of imagination such as elaborate theories or inventions. Imagination will have a big impact on lives and influence on a person regardless of profession. A fantasy wall mural could be a great way to foster a child’s creative thinking.

Design Changes

All wallpaper orders are custom printed to fit your intended wall size. They can be customised by design placement, colour, scale and custom design.

The custom design option allows you to add or in some cases remove elements in the design. Want to add a mermaid or your pet dog? Contact Kate (small charges may apply to adding new illustrations).

The Order Process

Once an order has been placed and payment has been made you will receive communication from Kate within 24 hours. From there she will discuss some options with you. No printing or shipping will occur until you have approved the details on the ‘mock up’ (image emailed to you showing how the wallpaper will look at your wall size – see example image below).

Please note: Digital designs are NOT ‘stretched’ before printing to fit a wall size. If the design doesn’t fit neatly then new illustrations and design adjustments will be made. Kate will show you these changes for confirmation before printing.

Kids Pirate Sunrise Sunset Ocean Wallpaper Wall Mural

All designs are custom printed onto premium paste-the-wall wallpaper and printed to the highest printing standard available on the Australian market known as a super-fine-art level. Resulting in high definition, premium quality wallpaper that are true works of art.

Panels are 130cm wide to reduce visibility of seam lines. 


There is so much to find and explore in the ‘Pooch Pirates In Paradise’ wallpaper.

Here is a list of fun things to find once your wallpaper has been installed.

Download here.

Will o’ The Wisp Wallpaper & Wall Murals are bespoke and custom made. If you would like any design changes contact Kate to discuss.

Awesome Unisex Bedroom!

Pictured is an image of a kids bedroom wall installed with ‘Pooch Pirates In Paradise’ wallpaper. This bedroom has been furnished with white hamptons style furniture and rust orange & turquoise bed linen. The room is completed with jungle themed toys and decor.

Price Guide

All pricing is in AUD.

Wallpaper Printing Costs: 

Suede wallpaper = $117 per m2. Read more about our premium wallpaper material options.

Shipping Costs: 

$30 domestic shipping within Australia (2-3 business days)

We ship to selected international locations.

Please email Kate if you would like a sample to be posted.