Jungle Dreams

jungle animals kids wallpaper

An adventure wallpaper mural set in the Jungle where animals rule!

Capture the imagination of your little explorer!

awesome Kids jungle explorer wallpaper and mural from australia. Features jungle animals in a tropical island design. Lions, hippo, dinosaurs, sloths and pirates! In colours of orange, beige, turquoise, aqua. brown, blue

This tropical design takes the viewer on a journey into a magical Jungle/Amazon themed world. Discover a sloth filled treehouse, surf the waves with a chameleon, poke a sleeping dinosaur or look for treasure with a pirate.

jungle animals kids wallpaper

The Detail

We draw humour and fun into every design. There is more than meets the eye in these works of art!

In ‘Jungle Dreams’ there are of couple of fun hidden messages and references. One is a message in a wine bottle, the message reads ‘Mum was here!’ … this is a fun wink to all the mums!

There are also two subtle quirky references to Harry Potter… can you find them in the images?

Design Changes

Our jungle wallpaper can also be customised by scale and printed in 2 scale options (please see images below).

Scale option 1: 50% design

Scale option 2: 100% design

However if you would like a different scale than those two options, please contact us.

We also offer the luxury of customisable design and colours. If you would like to customise this wall mural (such as the custom design option below) then please contact us.

Awesome Bedroom!

Pictured is an image of a kids bedroom wall installed with our jungle wallpaper. This bedroom has been furnished with white hamptons style furniture and is completed with jungle themed toys, decor and matching bed linen.

Please see our instagram page for more images!

Please see our instagram and pinterest pages for more images!