Stunning Kids Bedroom & Nursery Themes

Stunning Kids Bedroom Nursery Themes

Create a stylish space for your little one with stunning features full of wonder! Discover kids’ bedroom and nursery themes that are truly magical, fashionable and fun!!

Looking for theme ideas to create a magical space that your child will love? A child’s room is the perfect place to not hold back! Creating fun and imaginative spaces can open their minds to new possibilities, wondrous ideas and creativity! From an ark-shaped bookshelf to amazing fairy-tale wallpaper, whatever theme you choose, this can be one room that is sure to stand out!

Design a room that is as unique as your kids are! Here are some examples to provide inspiration for your child’s bedroom theme.

Stunning Kids Bedroom Nursery Themes

Beautiful girls bedroom design with magical fairy tale wallpaper featuring story book illustrations. Bedroom design has a stage play set up with tent canopy. In colours of pink purple gold sage green wood etc.
Whimsical Woodland by
Straight Out Of A Fairy tale!

This divine bedroom is a little girl’s dream! The fairy tale wallpaper is intricate and amazing complete with characters and fun things to find. Set the stage for a wondrous wallpaper adventure!

Unique Kids Bedroom Nursery Themes Ideas, boys boat nursery with animals, in light ash teak wood and beige- noahs ark
Photo: Roger Davies – Source Architectural Digest
A Boat Load Of Fun!

Design studio Hammer and Spear and PSS Design Cult collaborated to create an Noah’s Ark inspired bedroom.

JUNGLE pirate dusk water ocean kids wallpaper wall mural girls
Pooch Pirates In Paradise
A Divine Island Paradise!

It’s early morning on the jungle island and all the animals are beginning to start their day. Upon the horizon a pirate ship appears. It’s the Pooch Pirates! These friendly new arrivals are on the hunt for treasure...’ A seriously beautiful and fun design depicting a tropical island with a dawn horizon and jungle animals.

Boys Woodland Forest Night Nursery Wallpaper Walls Murals
Enchanted Creature Forest
Just Magic!

Enter a magical wallpaper world! This kid’s bedroom has an enchanted forest theme with wooden furniture and emerald/green decor. A fantasy woodland wallpaper wall mural with dragons, magical houses and fairy-tale creatures.

Unique Kids Bedroom Nursery Ideas, Sky, Cloud, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Light
Bedroom design by Nicola Bacci
The Sky Is The Limit!

Beautiful bedroom design by Nicola Bacci, this lucky child will feel like she is floating (or sleeping) on clouds in the sky!

Cloudy night Sky Fairy tale moon boys wallpaper wall mural
Space For The Moon by
A Night Sky Adventure Theme!

Custom wallpaper set to excite with flying dragons, magical trains and pirate ships! This design is a little boys fantasy!

Fairytale Custom Pastel Girls Nursery
A Fairy Tale Story Book Wallpaper
Step Into Your Imagination…

A fairy-tale wallpaper like no other! A magical dream world wallpaper where fairy-tale stories reside. Featured throughout and behind each door in the design is a new story and new adventure waiting to be explored… Imagine all the stories and fun your child can have growing up and exploring this wallpaper!