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Fairytale Story Book Wallpaper

An exquisite kids fairy-tale wallpaper with captivating characters, fantasy illustrations as well as beautiful colours.

The Story

Step into your imagination. A magical dream world where fairy-tale stories reside. Featured throughout and behind each door is a new story and new adventure waiting to be explored.


Illustrated by Kate Succar, this is a fantasy wall mural wallpaper representing fairy tale worlds, fairy tale stories as well as adventures! Look closely and follow the doors and paths to navigate through the design. In addition find fun notes and hidden gems along the way! 

Did you know…

Imagination is an important tool for a child’s development. The ability to imagine will enrich their lives from everything they do, think about and create. Any profession from academia, engineering to the arts will need a form of imagination such as elaborate theories or inventions. Imagination can have a big impact on lives and influence on a person regardless of profession. For this reason a fantasy wall mural could be a great way to encourage a child’s creative thinking

Fairytale Custom Pastel Girls Nursery

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A Fairytale Storybook

$117.00 sq m
Total Area (sq m)
Product Price
customisable wallpaper

Customise design placement, colour, scale as well as illustration layout.

Fast Turnaround

1 – 2 weeks for production.

Art Grade  State of the art printers produce Fine Art Grade premium wallpaper.
Premium Art Grade

State of the art printers produce super-fine-art grade wallpaper.

  • fairytale storybook girls nursery wallpaper beautiful fairies woodland magical rabbits
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  • fairytale storybook girls nursery wallpaper beautiful fairies woodland magical
Printing & Design Changes

Will o’ The Wisp offers a unique and premium wallpaper service where all orders are custom made and perfectly tailored to fit any size wall. Uniquely designs are not stretched or warped to fit the intended wall. All designs are editable digital files therefore illustrations are moved or added to ensure the wallpaper and murals are a perfect fit!

You can also customise the designs further by changes to the design placement, colour, scale or custom elements. Changes to custom elements allows for the addition or removal of elements within the design. For example, would you like to add an illustration of your pet dog or cat? Contact Kate before placing an order ($50 additional charge applies per new illustration).

One wall, two walls or more?

Every design can be tailored to fit one, two or more walls. Kate is a talented artist with a gift for creating exquisite wallpaper wall murals. She can add new illustrations and detail to any wallpaper design for a seamless beautiful mural that spans across multiple walls.

Domestic + International Shipping

$30 domestic shipping within Australia (2-3 business days).

We also ship to the US, UK and other select international locations.

Bespoke Designs

If you can’t find what you’re looking for then ask Kate to design it for you!

Fairytale Story Book Wallpaper

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The Order Process

You will receive communication from Kate shortly after you have placed your order. During which she will discuss some options with you. No printing or shipping will occur until you have approved the details on the ‘mock up’ (image emailed to you showing how the wallpaper will look at your wall size).

We print onto premium paste-the-wall wallpaper using state of the art manufacturing equipment. In addition our printing quality is the highest printing standard available on the market known as a fine-art grade. Resulting in high definition, premium quality wallpaper that are true works of art. Overall we are at the leading edge of what is possible with wall covering design!

Lastly our panels are 130cm wide to reduce visibility of seam lines. 

Click to read more about our premium wallpaper material options and also installation advice.


There is so much to find and explore in the ‘A Fairytale Story Book’ wallpaper.

Once your wallpaper has been installed download this list of fun things to find!

Download here.

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