Whimsical Woodland Wide Mural Girls Unicorn Custom Wall Mural Wallpaper by Will o The Wisp

$117.00 sq m

The Story : It’s dusk in this magical land and all the fairy tale creatures are going about their business. Mermaid (the keeper of time and weather) watches all as she perches high in the branches and safety of Mother Nature along with the fairies. She sees Bear, a travelling theatre and gyspy wagon all make their way to the Princess’s castle for the annual ball tonight. Princess is excited that everyone is coming so she sneaks from the castle, hides with the mushrooms and watches all the new arrivals. Mermaid smiles as she watches Princess’s excitement! She also notices the whimsicalunicorns graze grass and two cheeky little foxes as they hide from Deer. There is a rainbow in the sky just as darkness is falling and The Sand Man and moon get ready for the night. Knight’s heart leaps as the moon returns as he holds the key to the moon’s heart. Mermaid frowns as Echidna takes a break from fishing to have some sweets with Dragon… what will happen when Dragon finds out that a thief has been into his lolly jar. Where is that sneaky thief! 


Design Details : A beautiful wallpaper wall mural featuring an abundance of fairy tale creatures. Set on a fantasy land with a sparkling castle and hot air balloons in the pastel sky. This magical girls wallpaper mural has detailed illustrations that take the viewer on a journey into a fairy tale world. Current design colour way features lilac, baby pink, mint green, light blue, white and gold. Perfect for a girls bedroom or nursery wall.


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  • Premium vinyl wallpaper using paste-the-wall installation method
  • Super-fine art printing
  • Customisable
  • Custom printed to the intended wall size
  • Once order has been placed you will be contacted to discuss placement and scale options



Total Area (sq m)
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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 150 cm

Product Details

Custom Orders:      

All wallpaper orders are custom printed to fit your intended wall size. They can be customised by design placement, colour, scale and custom design.

The custom design option allows you to add or in some cases remove elements in the design. Want to add a unicorn? Contact Kate via the enquiry form (small charges apply).

Print & Installation :      

All designs are printed onto revolutionary vinyl premium paste-the-wall wallpaper and printed to the highest printing standard available on the Australian market known as a super-fine-art level. Resulting in high definition, premium quality wallpaper that are true works of art.

Panels are 130cm wide to reduce visibility of seam lines. Read more about vinyl wallpaper, installation and care here.

Vinyl wallpaper uses paste-the-wall installation. We recommend a professional to install your wallpaper. Please contact us for more information about qualified installers in your area      

Order Process:      

Once payment has been received you will receive a mock up image of how the design will look at your wall size. You are welcome to ask for scale or placement changes (no additional fee) if you are not happy with the appearance.

You will also receive information on installation and recommended products.   




Payment for online orders can be made via Direct Bank Transfer, credit card (eWay) or Paypal. Full payment of goods and services is required before printing and shipping of wallpaper commences.


Wall Size

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Vinyl wallpaper is the most cleanable wallpaper on the market. You can remove ordinary dirt and smudges simply with a mild soap and warm water. Clean from bottom of wall upward. Rinse thoroughly with clean water from the top down using a sponge. Dry wallpaper with a soft lint free cloth or towel.

For more difficult stains that are only surface deep, the use of a stronger detergent is recommended. Firstly test on an inconspicuous area to make sure that the surface and ink are not damaged.

DO NOT USE steel wool or powdered abrasive because they can damage the image and textured surface.
DO NOT USE solvents, alcohol, pine oil, or cleaners that contain these kinds of products as they can remove the image and damage the textured surface.

When cleaning, always take measures to prevent water from dripping behind molding.


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