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Kate Succar is the sole designer of Will o’ The Wisp Wallpaper and Wall Murals located in Sydney – Australia. She is an international wallpaper artist and designer. Her artwork can be seen world wide in locations such as California – United States of America, London – United Kingdom and various locations around Europe.

Kate is known for her unique gift of creating incredible illustrated custom and bespoke wallpaper wall murals for commercial businesses and residences. Kate has a unique ability to visualise and execute illustrated murals based on the clients brief, branding and overall message to be achieved. Works of this calibre are rare, impressive and hard to find.

Two printing houses are available. One is located in Sydney – Australia and the other is located in Texas – United States.

Custom Wallpaper & Murals

All wallpaper orders are custom printed to fit your intended wall size. Any design from the design library can be completely customised with elements moved resulting in a perfectly tailored wallpaper design. Changes also include scale, placement and colour.

Bespoke Wallpaper & Murals

Kate offers a bespoke wallpaper service. This is where she creates a new wallpaper / wall mural design based from your brief.


Recent Bespoke Wallpaper Murals

Bespoke Wall Mural

Sydney, NSW

– June 2022

Tribute to a witches and wizard world!

Kate is an exceptional artist who was able to capture our collective imagination and deliver a truly magical wall mural that spanned across 2 walls in our nursery. The creative imagery in Kate’s detailed interpretation of what we asked, greatly exceeded our expectations. Kate is a professional who really took the time to listen and sincerely understand what we as clients were asking. What emerged from the explorative discussions and exchange of ideas was a truly remarkable bespoke masterpiece which was tailored to our baby room.

The pricing was very fair and the value for money is quite evident in the finished product that is genuinely one of a kind! We are now planning the next project where Kate can continue to illustrate our personalized story which will captivate our kids for years to come! Thanks Kate, and thank you also for recommending Drew from Wow wall coverings to install the wall panels. He took great care and the finished product was of such a high standard that it was impossible to see where the panels join. It is literally like stepping into another world when you walk into the room. Exemplary workmanship from you both!!” – Review from Istvan.

Harry Potter bedroom nursery wallpaper wall mural
Harry Potter bedroom nursery wallpaper wall mural

Bespoke Mural for Lavande & Elixir De La Lune
5544 La Jolla Boulevard, La Jolla, California 92037
– May 2021

A bespoke wallpaper mural created for a spiritual boutique and healing cafe. The mural embodies two brands, ‘LAVANDE’ and ‘ELIXIR DE LA LUNE.’ LAVANDE is for everyone to know themselves deeply, to know their true heart’s desires, and to remember and be able to live their specific divine life purpose and soul mission. They provide tools, gifts, ideas, and ways for you to remember how unique and special you are, and for you to discover those passion driven talents that are waiting to be unlocked*

ELIXIR DE LA LUNE is a healing cafe which incorporates the spiritual healing powers from flowers into their menu items.

Kate created the design concept as her interpretation of meaning behind the two brands, their essence and spiritual guidance.

* paragraph taken from

Kate’s ability to channel beauty, love, elegance, creativity and your heart’s expression into her designs is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. The mural she designed for my business is an expression of the deepest parts of me and everything I wanted to bring into my business. People take instagram pics in front of it daily, every person, man or woman, comments on its beauty. It’s the stunning focal point and expression of my business.” – Review from Kristy, owner of ELIXIR DE LA LUNE and LAVANDE.

Custom wallpaper mural artist lavande elixir de la lune La Jolla
Custom wallpaper mural artist lavande elixir de la lune La Jolla 2
Custom wallpaper mural artist lavande elixir de la lune La Jolla 2
 lavande-wellness-boutique elixir de la lune wallpaper custom wall mural

Bespoke Fantasy Los Angeles Sports Wall Mural

Strathfield, NSW

– June 2020

This wall mural was created for a die hard Los Angeles sports fan. The brief was to create a wall mural showing three iconic Los Angeles sports: baseball, American football and basketball as the main sport. The client also wanted iconic buildings and players featured throughout.

Using her unique illustration skills, Kate created a fantasy mash up of a Los Angeles landscape with the three main sporting themes present. Each sporting section included the teams home stadium and iconic players. Other iconic California landmarks were also featured as well as personal touches and memories specifically tailored to the clients time spent in LA.

I have accomplished my dream wall It’s like walking into my fantasy land. Kate did the custom mural I told her I wanted my favorite sports stars and LA buildings. What she created was in my head and it was awesome to see it come to life. I stare at my wall everyday, I’m so happy” – Review from Jay.

Teenage Boys sports wallpaper wall mural with baseball, basketball and football
Los Angeles LA Sports wall mural wallpaper, premium vinyl wallpaper using paste-the-wall installation. Staples centre, kobe bryant and down town LA featured.

Bespoke Mural for The Golden Thread Cafe
380 Burwood Road, Belmore NSW
– August 2020

This is a bespoke wallpaper design for a commercial cafe. Client asked Kate to design an inspiring wall mural that references ‘The Golden Thread’ which was influenced by the Japanese word ‘Kintsugi’ (meaning to join with gold). The client is an incredible woman who is an Entrepreneur and Mindset Coach, she is an advocate for self-empowerment and helps individuals in discovering and becoming their authentic selves.  

With research into ‘Kintsugi’ and the client, Kate created the design concept. The golden threads throughout the design help guide the viewer through inspirational and motivating messages encouraging them to become their authentic selves. The design also references a subtle modern day red riding hood who fights her insecurities to become her authentic self. Kate wrote a short piece as well to accompany the wall mural.

“Will O’ Wisp via Kate Succar blew my mind. As a serial entrepreneur with high standards on customer service and quality, they/she surpassed it. She ‘heard’ me and ‘saw’ me, took my vision and created one of the most beautiful, powerful, authentic pieces I have ever seen. Will work with her again and again and again! Thank you Kate x” – Review from Yemi Penn, Owner of The Golden Thread Cafe in Belmore.

Custom wall mural wallpaper design by artist Kate Succar - e
Commercial wallpaper wall mural artist and designer from Sydney australia
custom illustrator artist for commercial wallpaper and wall murals australia

Bespoke Mural for Fleur De Lis Tea Company

42165 Autumn Run Drive, Hammond, Louisiana 70403

– September 2021

A bespoke wall mural showcasing a fantasy vision of iconic New Orleans landmarks, history and culture.

Clients were interested in Kate’s New Orleans wallpaper design from her design library. However their desired wall space was more than double the width of the original design and asked Kate for her advice. After considering the space, family legacy and company Kate created a new design concept to work with the original design. Her idea was to use the real life doors on the desired wall to become apart of the wallpaper by creating depth (foreground/background) to the mural.

Dear Kate, this has been a wonderful journey working with you to create the mural that is the centerpiece of our new business. Your attention to detail, your lovely suggestions are amazing. The likeness you recreated of my son when he was a toddler was absolutely beautiful. We recently had our grand opening and your mural was the main topic of conversation. I cannot thank you enough for your hard work and patience. I look forward to working with you in the future…Ten stars…With much appreciation, David.” – Review from David Barron, owner of The Fleur De Lis Tea Company.

Bespoke wallpaper Mural for Fleur De Lis Tea Company House Hammond Louisiana 1
Bespoke wallpaper Mural for Fleur De Lis Tea Company House Hammond Louisiana 2
Bespoke wallpaper Mural for Fleur De Lis Tea Company House Hammond Louisiana marie laveau
Wallpaper Mural Artist Sydney Australia
Image from The Hammond Star newspaper


More About Bespoke Projects

These unique creations will compliment residential and commercial environments. Printed on premium vinyl wall materials and at a super-fine-art level… The results are true works of wall art!

Please visit Kate’s instagram page for more examples of her work.

If you are looking for a custom or bespoke wall masterpiece then please contact Kate.