10 Of The Most Beautiful Girls Bedroom Ideas

Beautiful girls bedroom themes and ideas to inspire!


A wall mural wallpaper of fantasy creatures such as unicorns and mermaids. Perfect to match a girls bedroom with pastel colour theme and minimal decor.


Bohemian bedroom design with rattan furniture and earth tone floral wallpaper.


A fairy-tale wallpaper like no other! A magical dream world wallpaper where fairy-tale stories reside. Featured throughout and behind each door in the design is a new story and new adventure waiting to be explored… Imagine all the stories and fun your child can have growing up and exploring this wallpaper!


An absolutely stunning wall mural which features fairy tale hand drawn illustrations. Styled with a stage drama play girls bedroom theme.


kids forest night wallpaper wall mural emerald gold mustard fox
Enchanted Creature Forest

Cute little forest creatures and an enchanted forest! An adorable wall mural which would be great for a woodland themed bedroom.


Create a stunning girls bedroom with a fairy village theme. This wall mural features fairy homes and unicorns overlooking a sparkling princess castle and rainbow. Pair with pink and purple bedding and minimal decor.


Girls circus/carnival bedroom themes have been around for a long time. What differs with this wall mural is that the animals and humans have been illustrated as equal performers and attendees of the circus. The designer has created a fantasy circus land where animals and people live in harmony and an equal balance. Perfectly styled with white furniture and light pink accents.


How cute would this Lama Village wallpaper be? Coupled with orange and earth tones, this girls bedroom theme idea would be super cute.


Purple and turquoise colours are a fantastic combination for a girls bedroom theme. This cute nature wallpaper with peacocks, monkeys and birds is a sure favourite.


Who says girls bedroom themes need to be overly feminine? This unisex tropical island wallpaper has beautiful jungle animal illustrations in sunset colours! The wallpaper is customisable so go ahead and ask the artist to add a mermaid if you wish!

Beautiful girls bedroom themes and ideas to inspire!