New York Times Square Wall Mural

A New York wall mural set in fantasy Times Square with a jazz vibe!

This is an incredibly illustrated and intricate wallpaper design.

The Detail

This design is rich in detail with a surrealist style.

It features a jazz player playing a saxophone with music that is the essence of New York Times Square! The music comes to life highlighting a typical Times Square scene.

The colour-way is grey-scale with sections of subtle colour highlighting iconic elements such as the red for the Coca Cola sign and yellow for classic NY cabs.

Detail of wallpaper Custom New York Times Square Cab, Coca cola sign, yellow and red, black and white, smoke
Design Changes

All orders are custom printed to the intended wall size.

  • Scale shown above is 100%

If you would like a different scale than the option above, please contact us.

We also offer the luxury of customisable design and colours. If you would like to customise this wall mural then please contact us.

WOW! What a room!

Pictured is an image of our ‘New York – Wall Mural’ installed in a modern living room. The wallpaper material used in this project was Luxury Suede.

The room is completed with a grey chesterfield sofa, gold and marble side tables.

An incredible custom interior decorating wallpaper mural design of New York City Times square and a jazz player! grey tone with subtle pop colours of yellow and red. Coca cola sign and cabs
More About Custom Projects

Works of this calibre are rare, impressive and also hard to find! Our unique wallpaper creations will compliment residential and commercial environments. We print at a super-fine-art level in addition to high quality wall fabrics. The results are true works of art! To find out more please visit our FAQ page.

If you need wallpaper, have a specific idea and are looking for a bespoke wall masterpiece then contact us today. We want to hear from you!

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Price Guide

Suede Wallpaper: $87 to $107 per m2 (varies depending on wall size)

See our other wallpaper material options.

Installation Costs

Installing Yourself: approximately $200 total for primer, adhesive and most installation accessories.

Recommended Installer: varies per installer $300-$500 approximate guide.

New York Times Square Wall Mural