New Orleans Wall Mural

A New Orleans custom wall mural set in a fantasy street with iconic buildings and landmarks!

This is an incredibly illustrated and intricate wallpaper design of a fantasy scenescape.

The Detail

This design features rich illustrations of a fantasy interpretation of New Orleans.

This fantasy vision consists of iconic buildings and elements that are the essence of New Orleans! Such as Vampire Jacques Saint Germain building, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop and Cafe Beignet. Other notable elements include black cats, french street signs, musicians, artists, fountains, Fleur de lis and voodoo art!

In soft subtle washed out colour.

Printing & Design Changes

All wallpaper orders are custom printed to fit your intended wall size.

Once payment has been made you will receive a mock up image (similar to example image below) of how the design will look at your wall size. You are welcome to ask for changes if you are not happy with the appearance. We will wait for your confirmation on appearance before printing the wallpaper.

Our wallpaper can be customised by scale, design and colour.

  • Scale shown above is 100%

Please note: Most changes will NOT incur a fee.

If you would like to customise this wall mural then please contact us.

An Incredibly Beautiful Bedroom

This stunning wallpaper is shown here in a woman’s bedroom. She has styled the room with storm greys and blues to match the wallpaper. A desk sits in one corner and an easel in the other. The result is a dream-like space that is stunning and personal!

New Orleans Wall Mural

About The Artist

Kate is a skilled artist who specialises in surrealist designs. Her incredible illustrations and design skills make her renowned in this field. Coupled with Kate’s attention to detail and advanced knowledge in design programs, the results are amazing!

Kate has completed a Bachelor Degree of Design at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in Sydney.
Major studies in Textiles and Graphic Design

Price Guide

All pricing is in AUD.

Wallpaper Printing Costs: Suede wallpaper = $87 to $107 per m2 (varies depending on wall size). See our other wallpaper material options.

Shipping Costs: $30 domestic shipping within Australia.

$180 international shipping to US, UK and other selected countries.

Installation Costs

Installing Yourself: approximately $200 total for primer, adhesive and most installation accessories.

Recommended Installer: varies per installer $300-$500 approximate guide.