Kate Succar – Commercial wallpaper wall mural designer, Sydney Australia

Commercial wallpaper wall mural designer artist

Will o’ The Wisp Wallpaper & Wall Murals was created by Kate Succar and is located in Sydney Australia. Kate is a talented artist with a deep love for interiors who started to design wallpapers and wall murals in 2019. She is the company owner and sole designer of all creations. 

Kate has a growing business in bespoke wall murals for commercial businesses. Her commercial portfolio includes:

  • Wall mural at The Golden Thread Cafe, Belmore, Sydney, Australia in August 2020
  • Wall mural at The Fleur De Lis Tea house, New Orleans, United States of America in June 2021
  • Wall mural at Lavande and Elixir, Los Angeles, United States of America 2021 in July 2021

‘Most of my inspiration comes from fairytales I grew up listening to and my quirky sense of imagination. Usually it takes an initial character or theme to set the ball rolling and ideas flow after that. 

I also design more conventional wall murals and have a growing business in bespoke designs for commercial purposes. For example I recently completed a bespoke wallpaper wall mural design for a new age cafe in Belmore, Sydney. 

For bespoke wallpaper designs I research the client, the space, the overall message to be achieved and then adapt my artistic talents to create a balance of these things in an innovative and unconventional way. My unique creative imagination makes even the most basic of clients briefs come alive!’

– Kate Succar 2020

Commercial wallpaper mural designer

Commercial wallpaper mural designer

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