Whimsical Woodland

Fairytale girls interior Wallpaper

An exquisite fairytale wallpaper mural with captivating characters and fantasy elements!

A Fairytale girls interior Wallpaper inspiration photo. Featuring grey and pink themed bedroom furniture, grey cot/crib and magical wallpaper!

The design has rich, detailed illustrations that take the viewer on a journey into a magical woodland themed world. Discover a mermaid in a tree, have tea with a dragon, ride in a teacup hot air balloon, attempt a crossing with a balancing ballerina and ride a gypsy wagon from day to night!

Fairytale girls interior Wallpaper

The Detail

We draw humour and fun into every design. There is more than meets the eye in these works of art! For example in this design you can find a fun reference just for adults hidden in the wallpaper! The illustration shows a tap for ‘Fresh Brewed Coffee’ and hot coffee cups floating in the sky… nothing beats a hot cup of fresh coffee!

Our design is full of captivating characters rich in detail! These include… Mother Nature, a mushroom Princess, The Sand Man, in addition to a bear, deer, fox, dragon and many more!

Design Changes

Our wallpaper can also be customised by scale and printed in 2 scale options (please see below).

Scale option 1: 50% design

Scale option 2: 100% design

However if you would like a different scale than those two options, please contact us.

We also offer the luxury of customisable design and colours. If you would like to customise this wall mural (such as the custom options below) then please contact us.

Stunning Nursery!

Pictured here is an image showing our ‘Whimsical Woodland’ wallpaper installed in a little girl’s bedroom. The wallpaper was printed onto Luxury Suede.

This bedroom is completed with matching interior features such as fawn/deer style bedside table, cream velvet bed and pink bedding.

About The Artist

Kate is a skilled artist in illustration and digital media. Known for her surrealist drawing style and beautiful patterns. In addition she has a high level of attention to detail which results in some amazing designs. Read more here.

More Projects

As our wallpaper is customisable we are able to make changes to suit the buyers need. For instance recently we combined our two versions of ‘Whimsical Woodland’ to create a custom wall mural for a twin boy and girl’s shared bedroom.

You can find more information about our second colour-way of ‘Whimsical Woodland’ here which has more blue hues and masculine characters.

Boy and girl twins that are sharing a nursery. Fairy tale wallpaper wall mural design. Bedroom inspiration! Twin share room.

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