Space For The Moon

Kids Galaxy Sky Wallpaper

A magical galaxy wallpaper mural. At night, high up in the clouds is where the adventures begin!

This is statement kids galaxy interior wallpaper wall mural design from Australia. It featurs the night sky, moon and space. It has amazing illustrations like a pirate ship, fishing theme, trains, castle, dragon, planes moon, compass, time and much more!

This is a fun interior wallpaper that has a space theme as well as a fantasy fishing theme.

The backdrop contains the milky way with thousands of little stars lighting the night sky. Fun characters can be seen on their own little adventures! Such as a dragon who chases a thief that has been in to his lolly jar! Follow an echidna as he hunts for stars. Find a map and hunt for treasure with a pirate! These characters and many more seen in ‘Space For The Moon’ wallpaper.

Kids Galaxy Sky Wallpaper

The Detail

We draw humour and fun into every design. There is more than meets the eye in these works of art! For instance at first glance this design appears as a space galaxy scene but upon further inspection it also has fun fishing and water elements.

There is also a funny hidden message in a wine bottle that reads ‘Mum was here!’

Please see our instagram page for more images of our galaxy wallpaper!

An section image of Space For The Moon kids wallpaper wall mural. Showing Fishing and water elements such as a message in a bottle, fishing rod, fish, galaxy pirate and more!
Design Changes

Contact ufor any design, scale or colour changes!