Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Aqua – Girls Bedroom/Nursery colour theme

purple turquoise girls bedroom

Choosing a colour scheme for your little girl’s bedroom or nursery can seem a little daunting with the endless possibilities available. A lovely colour combination to consider is pink and purple paired with turquoise and aqua.

Here are a few great finds and ideas for this colour theme.

# 1 : A great wallpaper

pink purple turquoise aqua girls bedroom design ideas

Choosing an exquisite wallpaper can have the ability to transform a room and create a wondrous haven for your little girl. This pink, purple, turquoise and aqua custom wallpaper mural is of an enchanting fairy forest which also features a mermaid.

#2 : Pick some matching cushions and throws

Some cute cushions and throws can really tie a wallpaper and colour theme together such as this cushion from society6 pictured which would be a lovely addition to the wallpaper featured in this article.

# 3 : Get funky with paint

When adding wallpaper, sometimes painting the walls a colour can feel a little much, instead try getting creative with some DIY furniture painting like this cute set of draws from pinterest.

purple turquoise girls bedroom

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