Wacky Wallpapers We Love!

Wacky Wallpapers We Love!

Wacky Wallpapers Wall Murals

These days at least one room in our home has the potential to be a feature wall, now more then ever home decorators are turning to bold and fresh wallpaper! Not only do they have the capacity to enliven a room but even change our emotions. Here are some amazingly bold wallpaper designs that will stop you in your tracks!

Dark Night Sky Colourful wallpaper wall mural landscape lake
A Beautiful Mind by willothewisp.com.au

Exquisite Escape

Murals like this can absolutely transform a room into a serene paradise. This landscape mural is magnificently beautiful with a dream like feel, most importantly though it holds a calming quality making it a perfect bedroom wallpaper wall mural.

Wacky Wallpapers Wall Murals
Artemis from houseofhackney.com

Bold Floral

Now, what’s not to like about this striking, colourful and luxury House of Hackney wallpaper. Although beautiful and calming it’s more ‘venus flytrap’ than traditional floral wallpapers.

Big Impact

If your first coffee of the day doesn’t wake you up in the morning and lighten your mood then wandering into a room with this striking wallpaper surely will. There are quirky references, fun illustrations and graphics to put a smile on that dial.

Playful & Magical

Perfect for a child’s room or nursery, this bright and bold wallpaper of a tropical jungle is both fun and delightful! Each kids wallpaper by willothewisp.com.au features a list of thing for kids to find and a story behind the illustrations. It’s early morning on the jungle island and all the animals are beginning to start their day. Upon the horizon a pirate ship appears. It’s the Pooch Pirates! These friendly new arrivals are on the hunt for treasure...

Pooches & Poker

Wacky and super fun!! The design features a collection of dog portraits, quirky tarot cards, trinkets and poker chips. Designer willothewisp.com.au can also illustrate a portrait of your own pet to include in the wallpaper, now that is statement wallpaper!

Wacky Wallpapers Wall Murals

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