Wonderland – Warm Tones

Warm Cozy Modern Wallpaper

Explore with ‘Wonderland’ – a unique and fun statement wallpaper containing surreal elements and fantasy worlds.

Surprisingly the classic tale ‘Alice In Wonderland’ inspired this design. Our take on the tale however saw it revamped with a mature and sophisticated vibe.

This design takes the viewer on a visual adventure! There are many quirky and surreal elements featured within the design. If you look a little closer you may find some fun messages suggesting of a fantasy game. They are similar to the trials that Alice In Wonderland went through to visit certain parts of her fantasy world. For example there is a ‘play me’ message featured on a chess board. Many more messages can be found such as ‘ride me’, ‘eat me’ and ‘make a wish.’

The Detail

‘Wonderland’ is a fantastic surrealist design. The main elements featured in the design are stone work, tiles and doors. Flowers, landscape and gardens also play a key design role, bringing a touch of the outside inside!

To suit different projects we can tweak colours and change scale. Examples of these colour-ways include:

1. Warm tones (pictured)

2. Peacock Blue

3. Blue and silver tones

4. Heron grey, turquoise and copper

5. Pastel base with violet, aqua, light blue and lime green

6. Grey base with dusty purple and lime green

7. Deep violet/blue base with rich colours

Unique modern wallpaper in warm cozy and inviting colours. Brown, sepia, beige, mint, blue base. An interior family wallpaper design suited for living lounge kitchen room.
Printing & Design Changes

All wallpaper orders are custom printed to fit your intended wall size.

Once payment has been made you will receive a mock up image (similar to example images below) of how the design will look at your wall size. You are welcome to ask for changes if you are not happy with the appearance. We will wait for your confirmation on appearance before printing the wallpaper.

Our wallpaper can be customised by scale, design placement and colour. Below are examples of some of these options.

  • Design placement A – scale option : 100% design
  • Design placement B – scale option : 100% design
  • Scale option : 50% design

Please note: Most changes will NOT incur a fee.

If you would like to customise this wall mural then please contact us.

Warm & Inviting Living Area!

Images show our ‘Wonderland – Warm Tones’ wallpaper installed in the living area of a family home.

This unique wallpaper has warm colours for a cozy, inviting feel. The design features a fun fantasy scene that the whole family can enjoy!

Our wallpaper is heavy duty vinyl, it is encouraged for use in high traffic areas as it highly durable and can be cleaned simply with cloth and water.

The wallpaper material used here was Luxury Suede.

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Warm Cozy Modern Wallpaper

Price Guide

All pricing is in AUD.

Wallpaper Printing Costs: Suede wallpaper = $87 to $107 per m2 (varies depending on wall size). See our other wallpaper material options.

Shipping Costs: $30 domestic shipping within Australia.

$180 international shipping to US, UK and other selected countries.

Installation Costs

Installing Yourself: approximately $200 total for primer, adhesive and most installation accessories.

Recommended Installer: varies per installer $300-$500 approximate guide.