Vinyl Wallpaper Facts & Properties


Vinyl Wallpaper paste-the-wall facts

Will o’ The Wisp only prints on premium vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper is the highest quality wallpaper on the market today whilst also being easy to install, remove and clean. It is the most resistant to moisture and the most washable, being the preferable choice for kids rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and hallways. You can simply wipe down with a wet cloth to remove any marks.

Traditional wallpaper made from paper absorbs moisture, is hard to install, hard to clean and hard to remove hence why we do not use this type of wallpaper.

We use commercial grade ‘paste the wall’ wallpapers suitable for both commercial and residential. They are exceptional for wall murals and excels in the digital printing industry’s standards for materials that enhance image impact and colour, depth, dimension and durability. Additionally these products are Type II commercial digital wall coverings with Class “A” fire ratings.

Features & Benefits
  • Premium vinyl wallpaper material
  • Luxury textures (such as metallic and suede)
  • Built for traffic. Scuff & tear resistant
  • Mould, mildew & fungal resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Non woven polyester backing (provides easy hanging)
  • Paste-the-wall installation
  • Can be installed using commercially available wallpaper adhesives
  • Customisable (design, scale and colour)
  • Suitable for super-fine-art printing
  • Durable UV & waterproof Ink
  • Type 11 certified for scrubbability and cleanable using water
  • Heavy duty commercial grade for long term decoration
  • Easy removal

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Vinyl Wallpaper paste-the-wall facts

Vinyl Wallpaper Paste-The-Wall installation