A pop art graffiti interior wallpaper – channeling youth of the 21st century! Neon and pastel colours of aqua, pink blue, purple, turquoise and orange.

Large funky wall mural with urban graffiti illustrations in pop art neon colours.
The Detail

Our pop art graffiti interior wallpaper features funny little characters, themes and jokes. This fun design also includes funky illustrations such as a cool pair of sneakers, motorbike, cake and lips!

Conversational and somewhat rebellious words are also featured in this design. Such as an eagle clutching a snake symbolising a struggle against conformity, a snarling black jaguar has the slogan ‘untamed’ and an urban ‘goddess’ sits with her back displayed.

This is a Pop Art / Graffiti Interior Wallpaper wall mural design. Perfect for Youth and Teenagers or Girls. Pop neon bright colours. Funky and Wacky, Unusual and unique wallpaper.
Printing & Design Changes

All orders are custom printed to the intended wall size.

Our wallpaper can also be customised by scale and printed in 2 scale options (please see below).

  • Design placement A – scale option : 100% design
  • Design placement B – scale option : 100% design
  • Scale option : 50% design

However if you would like a different scale than those two options, please contact us.

We also offer the luxury of customisable design and colours. If you would like to customise this wall mural then please contact us.

What a room!

Pictured is an image of ‘Urban’ installed in a womens walk in wardrobe. The wallpaper material used in this project was Luxury Suede. This lucky girl had a space large enough to display our funky wallpaper. Additionally she styled her wardrobe to also feature a matching turquoise chair. Just look at all those shoes!

Please see our instagram and pinterest pages for more images!

Cool Funky Interior Wallpaper Walk in Wardrobe Decor Design
About The Artist

Kate is a skilled artist in illustration.  She also has high attention to detail and advanced knowledge in design programs which results in amazing designs! As evident in ‘Urban’ which is a pattern full of her illustrations and intricate detail.

Kate has completed a Bachelor Degree of Design at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in Sydney.
Major studies in Textiles and Graphic Design

Price Guide

Suede Wallpaper: $87 to $107 per m2 (varies depending on wall size)

See our other wallpaper material options.

Installation Costs

Installing Yourself: approximately $200 total for primer, adhesive and most installation accessories.

Recommended Installer: varies per installer $300-$500 approximate guide.