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About Paste-The-Wall Vinyl Wallpaper

Paste-the-wall vinyl wallpaper products have a specially developed backing which does not expand, allowing it to be hung dry straight from the roll, without having to soak it in water.

This revolutionary paste-the-wall technique has changed the world of wallpaper hanging. This technique, also known as dry hanging, is a much easier way to install!

You just ‘paint’ the paste (powdered, granulated or pre-mixed) onto your properly prepared wall, not on to the paper.

1. Don’t paste the entire wall before starting to hang your wallpaper. Simply paste one section of the wall at a time so that the paste doesn’t dry out. Allow some overlap – paste a bit more of the wall than just the width of each cut piece.

2. Slide the wallpaper into place. No need to rush. Smooth it across using a brush or smoother. We have two options for

3. We have two options for joining the panels. Option 1 is a butt join where the panels simply butt up against each other or option 2 is an overlap double cut which is available for qualified installers. Let us know before printing which on you prefer.

4. Then trim off to fit at the skirting/ bottom edge. Always ensure your cutting blade is super sharp. And if in the future you decide it’s time for a new look, ‘paste the wall’ wallpapers peel off easily – simply lift a corner at the base of the wall and peel upwards.

View our detailed installation guide here.

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