How To Install Using The ‘Overlap, Double Cut’ Method

Overlap Double-Cut Vinyl Wallpaper

1. By now you will have already installed your first wallpaper panel (following the detailed installation guide). When installing the next panel (panel 2) mark a small boundary line on the wall 125cm across from the end of the first wallpaper panel. It doesn’t have to be perfect as we will use the straightness of panel 1 (not the new boundary line) to line up panel 2.

2. Roll the wallpaper paste onto this section of the wall plus roughly roll 5cm past the boundary line.

3. Install panel 2 with 5cm overhang at the top (like you did when installing panel 1). Use the top of the overhang from panel 1 to line up panel 2 (if you havn’t cropped it off already). Panel 2 will need to overlap panel 1 by 5cm. You will see that the design repeat starts exactly 5cm from the edge of panel 1. Overlap and line up the design as perfectly as you can. Smooth the whole wallpaper panel down gently removing any air bubbles as you go.

4. Gently slide panel 2 back into position when needed if it slips out of place whilst the glue adhesive is drying. Wait a little while for the glue adhesive to be dry more before you attempt to double cut. If the wallpaper adhesive is not dry then the panel could slip when you are double cutting.

5. Wallpaper panels have 2.5cm ‘waste’ on inner seams. For this ‘overlap, double cut’ installation method the wallpaper panels will overlap by 5cm, then be cut in the middle of that overlap at roughly 2.5cm (this will result in 2.5cm of waste being cut off). Use a steel ruler (or possibly a straight piece of timber) to cut in the middle of the overlap through both wallpaper panels (panel 1 and panel 2). Make sure you cut with a new blade each time. You will need to press firmly with the ruler and cut deep enough to penetrate both wallpaper panels. Take care not to cut with too much force otherwise you will score into the wall. Using a cutter with a smaller width blade such as a scalpel or precision craft knife would be better for the visibility of seams.

6. Once you have double cut the whole length of the wall remove the ‘waste’ (2.5cm cropped off section) from both panel 1 and panel 2 then press panel 2 back down. You may need to add more glue into this small section if the glue has dried. Remove any excess glue that seeps onto the wallpaper with baby wipes or cloth and water.

7. Additionally there is a great video explaining the ‘overlap, double cut’ installation method here:

Overlap Double-Cut Vinyl Wallpaper