A personal sports tribute wall mural set in fantasy Los Angeles and focusing on LA sports of baseball, basketball and football.

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Los Angeles Sports Wall Myra

This was a bespoke custom design job.

It is an incredibly illustrated and intricate wallpaper design. Key sports centres and players are highlighted, whist the Golden Gate Bridge, down town LA and Hollywood sign are details in the background.

The Detail

This wallpaper design features intricate illustrations of famous LA sports buildings and players. Such as the Dodger’s stadium with Clayton Kershaw on a dugout bench watching a fantasy basketball game. Kobe Bryant also watches on from in front of The Staples Centre. This basketball game is between a young Shaq and Bryant recreating the iconic alley oop. To the right of the design is another sports centre the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum with Rams players Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey walking towards the basketball court.

The colour-way is grey-scale with spot sections of subtle colour highlighting the sports players.

About The Artist

Kate is a skilled artist who specialises in surrealist designs. Her incredible illustrations and design skills make her renowned in this field. Coupled with Kate’s attention to detail and advanced knowledge in design programs, the results are amazing!

Kate has completed a Bachelor Degree of Design at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales in Sydney.
Major studies in Textiles and Graphic Design

What A Bedroom!

This wallpaper was a bespoke custom design job for a diehard Los Angeles sports fan. In typical male fashion the bedroom has minimal furnishes and decor.

More About Custom Projects

Works of this calibre are rare, impressive and also hard to find!

If you need wallpaper, have a specific idea and are looking for a bespoke wall masterpiece then contact Kate today.

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Los Angeles Sports Mural