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Guide to Different Types of Wallpaper Paste-The-Wall

In this guide you will find detailed sections on..

  • Our Wallpaper Properties & Standards
  • Different Types of Wallpaper
  • Paste-The-Wall Wallpaper
  • Wall Preparation
  • Wall Primer & Adhesive Recommendations
  • How Our Wallpaper Joins Up

New technology means wallpapering is much easier than it was!

Trinket Three Tone Interior Wallpaper in customisable colours. Currently white, mauve purple, blue, beige and cream. Wall mural for interior decorating. Unique, unusual but stunning wallpaper.
Our Wallpaper Properties & Standards

Our wallpaper materials are fully functional commercial vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper is high quality, easy to install and easy to remove. It is also the most resistant to moisture and the most washable, being the preferable choice for kids rooms, bathrooms, kitchen and hallways.

Wallpaper made from paper is often cheap, absorbs moisture, is hard to install, clean and hard to remove hence why we do not use this type of wallpaper.

We have sourced some of the highest quality paste-the-wall vinyl wallpapers available on the market today.

These are commercial grade non woven ‘paste the wall’ wallpapers suitable for both commercial and residential. They meet the digital printing industry’s standards for materials that enhance image impact and colour, depth, dimension and durability. Additionally these products are Type II commercial digital wall coverings with Class “A” fire ratings.

Types Wallpaper Paste-The-Wall Guide

Different Types Of Wallpaper

These are the three types of wallpapers available on the market today and how they stick on the wall.

Pre-pasted – this means that the adhesive is already on the back of the paper.

Un-pasted paper – which means that the paste (also called adhesive) needs to be applied to the paper.

Paste-the-wall – meaning that the paste is put on to the wall rather than the paper.

We use Paste-the-wall wallpaper which is the highest quality and easiest to install!

This is Luxury dreamscape Suede wall covering. Suitable for Interiors. It is a vinyl wallpaper from Australia and is incredibly high Quality, easy to install, easy to remove.
Paste-The-Wall Wallpaper

Paste-the-wall products have a specially developed backing which does not expand, allowing it to be hung dry straight from the roll, without having to soak it in water.

This revolutionary paste-the-wall technique has changed the world of wallpaper hanging. This technique, also known as dry hanging, is a much easier way to install!

You just ‘paint’ the paste (powdered, granulated or pre-mixed) onto your properly prepared wall, not on to the paper.

1. Don’t paste the entire wall before starting to hang your wallpaper. Simply paste one section of the wall at a time so that the paste doesn’t dry out. Allow some overlap – paste a bit more of the wall than just the width of each cut piece.

2. Slide the wallpaper into place and check the match. No need to rush. Smooth it across using a brush or smoother.

3. Then trim off to fit at the skirting/ bottom edge. Always ensure your cutting blade is super sharp. And if in the future you decide it’s time for a new look, ‘paste the wall’ wallpapers peel off easily – simply lift a corner at the base of the wall and peel upwards.

Types Wallpaper Paste-The-Wall Guide

Wall Preparation

Wallpaper is actually easy to hang if you and the walls are well prepared. Proper preparation of the intended wall surface is critical to the performance of our wallpaper.

Your walls must have good ventilation and you shouldn’t have any mould issues if you intend to use wallpaper.

1. Remove any old paper. This must be done for the best results – if not, the new wallpaper may not stick down properly and the old pattern or texture might show through. Metylan wall paper remover is a great product to use to do this.

2. Repair any imperfections in the wall or plaster, and sand it smooth with 80 grit sandpaper. Remove the dust with a soft brush or wet cloth.

3. We recommend prior to installation that the intended wall be primed. The use of a quality wall covering primer will not only assure good bond to your wall surface,  but also greatly facilitate the removal of the wallpaper as well as minimise damage to the drywall.

The primer allows the wall covering to bond well, but also prevents the paste from absorbing too much into a drywall surface which could make removal difficult.

Paint the wall with a wall primer (see below for recommendations). Wait the designated time for the wall to cure (usually 24 hours but can be up to 7 days).

Primer & Adhesive Recommendations

There are many products on the market today which suit our wall coverings.


A good quality wall primer is strongly advised for protection of the intended wall from installation, removal, mould and mildew.

Our recommended product:

  • Shieldz® Universal Wallcovering Primer which can be found at Paint World and also at multiple stores using this store locator. It is also available online from Wallpaper Brokers. (4L of ‘Shieldz® Universal Wallcovering Primer’ will do a double coat covering a wall up to 12m2)

Alternatively you could speak to someone at your local paint store and source something similar. Be sure to tell the assistant that you want a wall primer…

  • that is very similar to Shieldz® Universal Wallcovering Primer
  • helps protect the wall from installation and removal.
  • prevents mould & mildew (very important)

You will also need quality paste-the-wall wallpaper adhesive suitable for heavy vinyl wallpaper with protection from mould and mildew. You can find this at many paint and specialty stores.

Both of the products below we recommend are strippable adhesives which assist in removal (when that time comes). Also they both have mould and mildew inhibitors.

Our recommended products:

  • SureGrip Heavy Duty Clear Strippable Wallpaper Adhesive available from Paint World and Direct Paint (only available in 19L so best if you are wallpapering multiple walls).
  • Roman pro-880 Ultra Clear Strippable Wallpaper Adhesive available from Paint Place and online from Wallpaper Brokers. (3.78L will cover wall up to 30m2).

Additionally you could speak to someone at your local paint store and source something similar. Be sure to tell the assistant…

  • you need quality adhesive for paste-the-wall wallpaper
  • the wallpaper is vinyl and heavy duty – you need adhesive suitable for heavy wall coverings
  • prevents mould & mildew (very important)

Handy Tip: Wallpaper adhesive in powder form requires you to mix with water which can result in lumpy glue if you are not slow and careful. Wallpaper adhesive already in liquid form is easier to work with.

Types Wallpaper Installation paste-the-wall

How Does Our Wallpaper Join Up?

Our wallpaper is custom made and printed onto heavy vinyl panels. There is no overlapping of the panels when you install. They simply butt up against each other for a seamless look. All you have to do is line the print up by slowing pushing the wallpaper into place once it has been pasted to the wall.

To view our installation guide and instructions please click here.

Types Wallpaper Installation paste-the-wall