Installation Guide

Guide on how to install luxury vinyl wallpaper.

Our wallpaper is custom made to fit your intended wall therefore the installation process is relatively easy.

We recommend prior to installation that the intended wall be primed . Proper preparation of this wall surface is critical to the performance of our wallpaper. The use of a quality wall covering primer and adhesive will not only assure good bond to your wall surface,  but also greatly facilitate the removal of the wallpaper as well as minimise damage to the drywall.

We recommend a wall primer such as ‘Shieldz® Universal Wallcovering Primer’ which protects the wall and can be found at Paint World online and also at multiple stores using this store locator.

The primer allows the wall covering to bond well, but also prevents the paste from absorbing too much into a drywall surface which could make removal difficult.

You will also need quality wallpaper adhesive suitable for heavy vinyl wallpaper which you can find at many hardware stores including Bunnings.

  • A friend
  • wallpaper primer (4L of ‘Shieldz® Universal Wallcovering Primer’ will do a double coat covering a wall up to 12m2)
  • roller
  • step ladder
  • measuring tape
  • pencil
  • wallpaper adhesive
  • wallpaper
  • stanley knife
  • scissors
  • squeegee (optional – as you could use the palm of your hand)

Wipe and clean the desired wall. Surfaces should be clean, dry, sound and free of dust, grease, and other residue. Paint the wall with a wall primer such as ‘Shieldz® Universal Wallcovering Primer.’ Wait 24 hours for the wall to cure.


You are ready to begin installing your wallpaper once the wall has been prepped and cured.

Always start installing your wallpaper from left to right. First we are going to mark up a boundary line for the first wallpaper panel. We print on wall panels that are 130cm wide. Start at the top left corner, measure 130cm across and make a pencil dash. Then from the bottom left corner measure 130cm across again and make a pencil dash. Using the tape measure draw a straight line between those two dashes. This gives us the first area to work on.


Mix your wallpaper glue adhesive, follow the manufacturer instructions carefully because if you don’t pour the powder in slowly the glue will lump and this becomes difficult to work with. If you do get lumps in your glue use a sieve to push the lumps through.

Roll the glue on the wall only in the 130cm wide area that we marked up from STEP 1 .


In a clean area free of dust, arrange the wallpaper panels in order from left to right that you wish them to appear on the wall.

Carefully climb your step ladder with the first wallpaper panel in hand and position the top left corner of the panel to the top left corner of the wall. A good way to do it is to have a friend hold the bottom of the panel slightly off the wall while you position the top of the panel to the wall. Be sure to adjust the wallpaper so that it is running straight with the top and side of the wall. Please note it is important to get this first panel in place as perfect as you can as it is then used to line the rest of the panels up. Don’t take too long as the glue beneath will start to dry.

When you have the panel in place use the flat palm of your hand or a squeegee to smooth the wallpaper down the wall. Take time to smooth out any air bubbles or creases. There should be an extra 10cm at the end of you wallpaper panel that will overhang. This is critical incase there are any slight variations with your wall measurements. We will cut this off in STEP 6.


Once the first panel is in place on the wall, follow steps 2 to 4 again for the remaining panels.


If you have a power point or a light switch on the wall make sure the power is turned off before you begin. Smooth down the wallpaper in STEP 4 until you reach the tip of the fitting. Mark an X in the wallpaper with the pencil directly on top of the fitting. For your safety lift the wallpaper away from the fitting to cut the marked X with your stanley knife or scissors. Push the wallpaper down gently around the fitting making sure that the whole panel of wallpaper is now smoothed down. Trim the flaps of the paper leaving about 10mm over lap, loosen the fitting screws or take the outer fitting shell off, gently push the paper behind the fitting.


Now that all the panels are correctly installed we can trim the excess. There will be approximately 10cm overhang on the last right side panel and the bottom of all the panels. Use a ruler and stanley knife to carefully remove excess trim. Do this carefully and slowly.

We hope you have found our guide on how to install our luxury vinyl wallpaper easy to follow and understand. If you have any further questions get in contact with us.

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